Retro Chip Tester Professional – Assembled Version

Assembled Version – it’s a fully assembled and tested version with the latest firmware. 

This version does not include power supply & SD card adapter.

Retro Chip Tester ProfessionalKit Version

Kit Version – it’s a kit for those who want to build up their own tester. No Extra parts needed.

This version does not include power supply & SD card adapter. ATmega2560 is programmed with the latest version of RCT Pro firmware. Assembling RCT can take up to 4 hours. You will need basic soldering skills, soldering iron, some space on your desk, all parts are marked. Remember to work with bright light, ventilate during soldering – have a window opened and don’t hurry. 

Retro Chip Tester Professional Motherboard

Retro Chip Tester Professional Motherboard PCB – IC Integrated Circuit TesterRev.1.2k – Firmware v.24 This item include – Programed with last firmware v.24 Retro Chip Tester Professional Motherboard &  PSU board (power board) for Retro Chip Tester.

Retro Chip Tester Professional Complete Parts Set

Retro Chip Tester Professional Complete Parts Set – This item include – Complete Parts Set for Retro Chip Tester Professional. This version does not include Retro Chip Tester motherboards (Main board & PSU), power supply & SD card adapter.

ZX Spectrum Products

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16K / 48K – Products:

Replacement Case – Repro Set
Keyboard Cover Faceplate
Rubber Keyboard Mat
Rubber Keyboard Mat – Phosphorescent
Keyboard Membrane Replacement

RCT Adapters Sets

4 Different Sets:

Set 1 – “I want them all!” (26 adapters)

Set 2 – “Common ICs” (7 adapters)

Set 3 – “Uncommon ICs” (5 adapters)

Set 4 – “Programming” (5 adapters)

ArcadeR Retro Joysticks

ArcadeR 9 pin ATARI standard Joystick – compatible with ZX Spectrum , Atari, Amiga, Commodore, Sega etc.


Replaceable parts, micro switch, fire knobs and knob are separately replaceable
Parts are compatible with SANWA standard
Sturdy plastic injection molded housing with UV protection
Option for Auto-Fire and Fire 1 / Fire 2 switches
Vacuum suction cups for stability
Available in many different colors