ArcadeR 9 pin ATARI standard Joystick – compatible with ZX Spectrum (+2/+3 needs an adapter) , Atari, Amiga, Commodore, Sega etc.

The ArcadeR 9 Pin (DB9) Retro Joystick is a high quality joystick with DB9 connector and additional functions.

It is made of modern and stable components and even spare parts like cables or micro switches are easily available. Moreover, it is available in many different color combinations.

By default, the joystick works on any device with standard DIN9 pinout in all directions and the left fire button. For the function of the second fire button there are several adjustable possibilities.

For this purpose, the joystick is delivered directly open, so that the owner can make his own adjustment. The joystick then only needs to be screwed shut with 4 screws and is then ready for use. A screwdriver is included.


  • Replaceable parts, micro switch, fire knobs and knob are separately replaceable
  • Parts are compatible with SANWA standard
  • Sturdy plastic injection molded housing with UV protection
  • Option for Auto-Fire and Fire 1 / Fire 2 switches
  • Vacuum suction cups for stability (also available as spare part)
  • Available in many different colors

ArcadeR Joystick is designed to work with 8 and 16 bit computers that used a regular 9-pin Atari-style joystick port, like:

• Amstrad CPC machines 

• Atari 8-bit machines (VCS/2600, 400, 800, XL and XE series) 

• Atari 16-bit machines (ST, TT, Falcon) 

• Commodore 64 and 128 

• Commodore Amiga machines 

• MSX 

• ZX Spectrum – via Dims/Kempston interface 

• ZX Spectrum Next 

• FPGA computers including MiST and Mistica 

• Mister FPGA computer via various DE9-USB adaptors

It’s built using high quality arcade components; the stick is based on the poplar Sanwa JLF and is compatible with after-market accessories including restrictor gates, springs, actuators and handles. The ArcadeR features autofire on the primary fire button, and the option to reconfigure the secondary fire button.

ArcadeR User Guide v1.2 can be downloaded here!