MechBoard64 Commodore Mechanical Keyboard – Keyboard Stabilizers Size 9U

The MechBoard64 Commodore Mechanical Keyboard – Keyboard Stabilizers Size 9U (135mm long)

The MechBoard64 is a replacement keyboard for the Commodore 64. The keyboard is based on microswitches from Gateron, lasercut aluminum brackets that are anodized in black and a black PCB. 

The MechBoard64 consists of 123 individual pieces and 200+ soldering points connect it all. The MechBoard64 fits perfectly in breadbox and C64C slim cases.


Stainless Steel – 1mm

This item include:

Keyboard Stabilizers 9U for SPACE key for MechBoard64 or MechBoard64 LED

The MechBoard64 Keyboard is based on free project “The MechBoard64” by MtnBuffalo.