RCT Pro – New firmware v.26 released

We are proud to present a new firmware release (v.26) after two beta versions.

„Joystick test“ (logic menu). Requires a simple adapter with DSUB-9 socket.

New Adapters
Joystick Adapter (a small adapter that allows to check the functionality of a standard joystick).
Intel 1101 (SRAM, 256 x 1)
The Gerber data for the current version of the adapter has already been published. The schematics of all adapters are available in the BOM.pdf now.

New Memory ICs supported
Intel 1101 and compatible (adapter required with custom definition, 256 x 1, SRAM)
DM85S86 (256 x 1, SRAM)
New Logic ICs supported

The full change log can be found here:


RCT Pro – New firmware v.26 released